Newtimes Group specializes in the sourcing, product development and supply chain management of apparel and home products for export to USA, Europe and Japan.
Our team of over 1,500 employees from all over Asia are dedicated to achieving high customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance System

We have hundeds of Quality Assurance professionals focused on prevention.

We don't want quality problems to happen; we follow stringent evaluation procedures to detect signs of potential problem at the earliest possible stage. We conduct factory evaluation and fabric inspection for apparel orders before production begins. Our quality assurance standards are often tailor-made to dovetail with client’s own systems and requirements. We also recommend guidelines on product performance standards to ensure products are suitable for their end use. Inspections are carried out by technical staff from our Quality Assurance Department, supervised by very experienced management who keep abreast of changing international standards and understand the individual needs of our customers. The technical staff are trained professionally to carry out inspection following our standard operating procedure.